Purimas Beach Hotel Accommodation

Puri Mas Beach resort had a romantic start.

The land Marcel Puri Mas owner originally purchased was to build a holiday home for his mother Ratna Wati De Rijk.

The land was originally purchased to build a holiday home for the owner’s mother, Ratna Wati De Rijk, but fortunately for us all the authorities designated the land a tourist area, hence the Puri Mas Resort was born.

It was very fortunate for all of us, staff and guests included, that the local authorities changed the rules after Marcel purchased the land, and designated the area for tourism.

This meant that Marcel had no option but to build a hotel, and in 1987, Puri Mas was born.

The dancing history lives on in memory of his parents, Henk and Ratna Wati, and Marcel has chosen to name his hotel restaurant -

The Ballroom Restaurant as a tribute to them.  Guests enjoying their meals here will see many  pictures of Marcel’s parents, and also Marcel and his sister Ratna who has partnered him throughout their dancing career.



Marcel with the help of our Puri Mas Guests –  in a project we call “Friends of Puri Mas” is running an amazing social program for the Puri Mas Staff and local community of young people from the villages around Puri Mas hotel.

Weekly dance lessons, dance shoes and clothing are sponsored by funds coming from the Puri Mas Hotel.

Both boys and girls from the local villages are bringing forth some amazing talent under the guidance of Marcel’s tuition.

These young people would never have  an opportunity to dance under the instruction of such a legend.

It is a joy to see the young people turning up for their lessons on time, developing discipline and listening skills, sharing, confidence, poise and expression of movement.


Tuesday Evening Entertainment – Ballroom Restaurant

To give the dance students some experience performing in front of a crowd, Puri Mas staff and  young dance students from Marcel’s dance classes entertain the hotel guests by performing their own cultural dances, Sasak stick fighting, and line dancing of Salsa and Cha Cha Cha.

Guests are also wowed by some great demonstrations of the young couples Marcel is developing who show great promise in Latin American dance.

Some of these couples have already performed in competitions in Surabaya and Lombok, and  Marcel will sponsor them to join him at the Malaysian competition later this year.


Footnote to parents:

Puri Mas has adopted a No Children Under 12 Years Policy: Each of our swimming pools which includes our public and villa pools are over 150cm deep and one level. Our pools are not attended or gated therefore in the interests of safety we have made a conscious decision to adhere to this policy.